Windows 8 previous setup Consumer Protection

This function

When launched from the Web to life, helping find Windows setup 8 Preview consumer, whether your current PC is ready for an upgrade to Windows 8 preview and Consumer Protection provides compatibility information on their programs and devices. Once you find that your PC is ready to download Setup Windows 8 Preview is a consumer and start the installation.

Information collected, processed, or transmitted

The launch of Windows 8 previous setup consumer looking for updates to ensure they are running and download the latest version. When updates are automatically downloaded and installed on your PC. The types of updates you can download are:

Installation updates

Important updates for the software installation files to ensure proper installation.

The package of driver updates
Important updates drivers for the Windows version you install.

In determining the compatibility, we gather certain information about your potential upgrade experience, such as connected as the capabilities of your computer hardware devices to the computer, and installed programs on your computer. Sometimes the publishing program information may include personal data such as name or e-mail address of publisher-editor.

If you continue to shock, it sends information about the installed version of Windows for Arvato Digital Services, LLC, to determine which version of Windows Consumer Preview 8 available for download. Arvato Digital Services is a third party with which we organize our electronic product catalog. Setup uses this catalog to ensure that you download the correct version of the preview of Windows 8 consumer on your current PC-based. The transmitted information includes:

  • Architecture
  • Language
  • Version
  • State license
  • Product key
  • Country code of the geo-location

The use of information

Microsoft uses the information collected to determine the appropriate drivers for your PC and to determine the compatibility of your PC, software and consumer devices running Windows Preview 8th Arvato Digital Services uses the information to determine which version of Windows Consumer Preview 8 available for download. This information is aggregated for statistical analysis. Neither Microsoft nor Arvato Digital Services uses the information to identify or contact you.

Choice and control

If you are running the Setup Preview Windows 8 consumer Web site, the above described information to Microsoft and Arvato Digital Services sent.

Optional e-mail communication
How we use your information

Before you download Windows 8 Preview consumer can choose to sign up for optional email communications. If you subscribe to, Microsoft will send out occasional e-mail regarding Windows 8 Preview consumer protection and information about events and promotions. You can unsubscribe at any time via a link in the footer of the email.

During registration, we will ask you your e-mail address and country. We use this information to customize the content we offer. Catalysis Society is a third-party companies we use to gather information and process subscription e-mail delivery.

This program is limited in time, your subscription at the end of predeceased Windows 8 software to be stopped.

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